Company and Services

Stefano Emili in 2004 decided to open the Med-Imm real estate srl in Viterbo.

The choice was easy because Viterbo is a medieval town, rich in art, famous for the baths, the Etruscan sites and it’s the capital of a wonderful territory called “TUSCIA” located between the low Tuscany, Umbria, Rome and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Since the beginning, Med-Imm became a specialist in the sale of prestigious properties, villas and farmhouses, castles, luxury apartments, villages and farms in Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and the rest of Italy, satisfying Italian and international customers.

Architect - Interior Designer - Home Stager
Office Manager

Manuela Mencherini

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Overseas project manager

Fabiana Forieri

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Real Estate Agent

Alessandro Scagnetti

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stefano emili_Real_Estate_Agent
CEO and med-imm's founder

FIAIP Membership

FIAIP is the largest representative association of real estate agents in Italy and guarantees our professionalism and quality services. Since 2008 we signed our membership and FIAIP represents us in international organizations as CEI Confédération Européenne de L’Immobilier and NAR National Association of Realtors,ensuring that professional qualifications of Real Estate Agents of the member countries are acknowledged in Europe and worldwide.

Other memberships

We daily use data sharing systems such as MLSFiaip | REplat | AgestaNET to share properties with other thousands of agencies in Italy, ensuring a vast amount of real estates.


We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and integrity whilst providing the best personalised real estate service to our friends and clients. In doing so we are proud to provide a positive and memorable experience creating loyal clients for life.


Home Staging Services

With exceptional services for both vacant and occupied homes, we help to showcase the amazing features your home has to offer and enable potential buyers to “mentally move in.” Our goal and the purpose of home staging is to depersonalize your home to appeal to the maximum number of buyers/renters. The professional Home staging help to achieve more and higher offers for your home.

Credit Brokerage

We can help our customers to choose their mortgage or loan giving them every information and the best support using the service: Top Italian Mortgage

Taking over, transfer of contracts, turning on new utilities

We can assist to set up the utilities in your new home.

Safe rental for landlords

You can trust us because our convention with UCA, grants you for amounts up to one year of non – payment of rent,possible damages and legal protection in any dispute.

Property Finders

This is our counseling service for buyers or renters. We do for you the considerable work of research and documentary analysis to let you save money and time.

Drone Eye International

Our last but not the list product, help us to show you our properties in the best way, providing aerial photos and videos using our Drone.

Italian Prestige Houses: is our promotion channel created to reach overseas buyers.


We can make an evaluation of your property

We can arrange all necessary documents in order to finalize the completion of the sale

We will assist you until completion and during the final sale at Notary’s office

Home staging

Advice on Amendments to Agri-Environmental Schemes

After sale consulting about planning or building consents

We can introduce you to our team of technicians and help you with your house renovation project

Architectural Project development in 3D

Our Method


During the first contact we explain by email, by phone or face to face, every detail about our mode of operation and services to start the collaboration in the best effective way possible.

Afterwards we ask the seller to send us an email with pictures, cadastral sheet, land cadastral surveys, property description and Google Map coordinates and our Property Valuation Request Form signed to authorize us pricing your home.

We will analyze the data you provide and get back to you with comparable sale information for your neighborhood and a range of approximate values for your property. Our valuation mixes market approach and statistical software datas. Appraisals are estimated by knowledge of the local area and recent sale prices and should only ever be used as an estimate of price. They are not definitive and have no legal standing. It is rare to charge a fee for appraisals and they are generally only requested by potential vendors to get a ‘feel’ for the local market. If you need a more precise valuation estimate, we will arrange to tour the property with you.


We ask the seller to collect all the property documents. We need to check them and verify that the property is in fact sellable. We must pay attention to the town – planning and cadastral aspects.

A formal valuation will take into account things such as the location of the property, the building structure and its condition, features of the home, caveats or encumbrances on the property (particularly relevant in rural areas). After a valuation, the client will receive a written report detailing the value of the property.

This service will be free if the seller will sign our agency listing agreement in 30 days, otherwise a fee of 300€ will be charged.

Agency listing agreement

Med-Imm knows the market rules and real estate values and doesn’t accept listings in the case the seller wants a price higher than 10% of our valuation. Our professionalism means for us to respect our job and the buyers too.

We usually work asking exclusive agency listings but sometimes we could examine also open listings.

Med Imm believes that having only a sale person is the correct way to sell it well and quickly.

Adding the Home Staging service that we can provide through our architects team, will grant the promotion of the property at the highest level of quality.

Furthermore, the exclusive listing offer the possibility of having much reduced prices on our services, for example our commission rate, that is basically 5% will be reduced at 4% .


To sell a million-dollar house in a slow market, you don’t necessarily need more marketing or advertising, but you need more EFFECTIVE marketing and advertising. For example, the use of the sharing method of MLS (multi listing system) and having great contacts and relationships to build a great audience, are the most important skills of a real estate agent.

Real estate marketing is all about attracting business while real estate advertising is all about creating business and we need both to sell your house. So we will involve the seller in each step of the strategy to promote the property.

We developed 4 Marketing Plans following the newest ideas in Real Estate market.

MED-IMM embraced a cultural project aiming at valorising the real estate properties in a totally new way. The project is “OPEN HOUSE |Contemporary Art” and could help us to facilitate the sale.

OPEN HOUSE event, is exactly what the name means; the house will be opened to the clients and colleagues to show the property and to enjoy the exhibit that will be strictly linked to the idea of HOUSE as the space lived-in or to relive.

The OPEN HOUSE event will take place in 4 dates during the year 2018 and will end up with the production of a catalogue. The project has been devised by the Art Critic SERENA ACHILLI.